DeShawn Marks has come a long way from selling watches at the young age of 13 in Wichita Falls, Texas. That early entrepreneur drive & hustle helped develop him into the businessman he is today.

DeShawn is the owner of a successful management & consulting firm helping Professional Athletes and high net worth individuals build strong investment portfolios while also finding the right business opportunity that helps them sustain a legacy of wealth building. DeShawn embodies entrepreneurship in every aspect which has allowed him to help change the lives of many individuals and businesses.


“Different is good but being legendary is something different”

Fashion can help express how you are feeling each day, but my fashion can also help express how you are thinking. As the next fashion icon DeShawn is introducing the world to his I’m Legendary movement and brand. Fashion should help embodied every aspect of you while also expressing the way you think and feel. I Am Legendary!


The only way to grind is from the inside out.

DeShawn’s book has impacted so many lives, and this book is packed with so many different jewels and insights to help transform your life. Many years of hustling building and grinding has helped create this masterpiece. You can grind or you can learn how to grind from the inside out. DeShawn will give you the secrets that have allowed him to live a life built upon grinding the right way that has led him to many new heights and great successes. Grinding is an attitude and lifestyle that can help lead you to the success in life you deserve.

"Grind from the Inside Out" Available Now

Radically transform your life & become a real grinder


Don’t just live in this world, create the world you want to live in.

DeShawn Marks